The Job Safety Analysis Form and Report Generator

The JSA Report Generator




Using The Tool

Installing the tool into MS-Word and using it is simple.


Hazard Selection

A substantial library of workplace safety hazards is available for you to select from. 


Sample Report Pages

View some of the actual pages produced during a sample assessment.


The Online Help System

A full online help and documentation system is provided for both the tool and job safety analysis itself..



The Job Safety Analysis Report Generator

Job Safety Analysis Report Generator

A comprehensive MS-Word based  tool for the creation of professional safety analysis reports.


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Job Safety Analysis Form Generation Made Easy. Safety Risk Assessment for Workplace Safety.

All employers have duty of care to individuals, staff, contractors or third parties in the workplace. It is also a legal requirement that organizations should document any health and safety risks that have been identified in the workplace. Equally, it is necessary to record the actions taken to reduce those risks


Job Safety Analysis is the term given to the exercise of identifying risks to health and safety in the workplace, and documenting the control measures taken taken to manage those risks.


It is not a trivial task. It requires knowledge, consistency and stringent application.


Fortunately, a simple to use MS-Word based too has emerged to simplify this: The Job Safety Analysis Report Generator. It is ideal for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and is widely used by health and safety consultants and recognized experts across the world.




The JSA Report Generator  self installs into your copy of MS-Word... it couldn't be easier. From there it utilizes its substantial library of hazards and controls to help you quickly and readily construct a top class safety report.


The report produced is highly professional. You are free to omit or include the clipart as required, and of course the final report can be tailored as needed from within Word itself. In addition, the JSA Report Generator provides the facility to add your own specific hazards and controls to the system. 


Not only will it save countless hours of work, but it can be re-used again and again, adding essential consistency and a quality framework to the task. 


JSA Report Generator for Workplace Safety



The form, framework and background data provided by the report is of the highest standard. The core data was actually provided by leading industry figures of the highest pedigree. 


In addition, the product is supported via a comprehensive online help system. This includes a full introduction of job safety analysis itself, as well as a detailed explanation of how to use the product. Full search and navigation facilities are provided of course.


This highly professional tool is the ideal aid for anyone charged with responsibility for occupational or job safety, or with performing a health and safety risk assessment.




To illustrate the depth and quality of this tool we have produced a number of screenshots and sample pages:


Installing and Using The Tool

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Selecting the Applicable Hazards 

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Sample Report Pages

Click Here for Job Safety Analysis Report Examples


The Online Help System

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We are pleased to be able to offer the full system for a special discounted price of just $199.  To obtain you copy, simply visit our online purchase page.







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