User-Defined Hazards Tab

This tab is used to assign your own hazards and controls.

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This adds a new user-defined hazard to the list. You will need to specify all the control measures for this hazard plus an estimate of likelihood and severity of an event occurring.

User-Defined Hazards

This is the current list of hazards that you have already defined (if any). Select one of those hazards to edit or delete it.


This allows you to change the description for this hazard.

Controls: Screen Description

This is a short, one-line summary of the control measure that will appear in the drop-down list on-screen. Only one line is allowed.

The text that actually appears in the report in shown in the "Long Description" box.
(Tip: You can cut and paste text from one box to the other to save typing)

Controls: Reported Text

This is the description of the control measure that will actually appear in the report when the control is selected (via its screen description). You are allowed to press the "Return" key to create a new paragraph in the report. (Tip: You can cut and paste text from one box to the other to save typing)


The likelihood of an event happening under this hazard

1 = very unlikely
2 = unlikely
3 = likely
4 = very likely
5 = inevitable

Risk Level Calculation
Risk Rating = Likelihood * Severity


The severity of risk and/or injury if an event happens under this hazard

1 = no injury
2 = slight
3 = minor
4 = major
5 = fatality

Risk Level Calculation
Risk Rating = Likelihood * Severity

Clip-Art Browser

Use this button to browse for a picture to use with this hazard. You can choose any picture format as long as your MSWord installation supports it.

The report generator will make a copy of the picture in the "images" sub-folder of the installation folder. (e.g. c:\program files\Job Safety Report Generator\images)



Select this to restore the settings for this hazard to the last-saved version.

Tip: To restore the contents of a single text box, use the Windows undo command (Ctrl-Z)


This permanently deletes a user-defined hazard. THIS IS NOT REVERSIBLE

Once you have deleted a user-defined hazard, any previously saved report definition file (.JSR) that referred to it will not be able to use the hazard in any new report DOC's that it generates.


Saves the new or modified user-defined hazard to the application database. OLD VERSIONS CANNOT BE RECOVERED ONCE YOU HAVE SAVED.

Clip Art Picture

This is the picture that will appear for this hazard in a generated report (provided the "Use Clip Art" option has been selected on the Company Details Tab).

If you browse for a new picture, the starting folder can be either the MS Word default clip art folder or the last-used clip-art folder. By default, the last used folder is selected.


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