Understanding Job Safety Report Definitions (JSR files)

After generating your report, you will normal save it as a Word Document (*.doc). When you reload this document at some future date, it will "remember" which hazards and controls were used to create it. You will see these when you load the main dialog of a saved DOC.

However, we have also given you the option of saving these settings in Job Safety Report Definition file, which is written to the installation folder with a name you supply and a file extension of ".JSR". You can then use these saved definitions as the starting point for generating a new report.

The JSR "Save" option is found on the report generator tab of the main dialog. For convenience, we have included some sample JSR's for you to experiment with.

The name you give to a JSR file is completely independent to the name of any report document that it generates!


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This information is derived from the Job Safety Report Generator™
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