Job Safety Analysis

Health & Safety Officers (HSO's) have a legal duty to identify hazards in the workplace that could result in injury or ill health to staff, contractors or third parties. Depending on the size of the organization, the HSO might be dedicated to that task or may perform the duty as part of a wider responsibility.

HSO's appoint a Risk Assessor with detailed knowledge of the working environment and work processes, who performs a Job Safety Analysis. This identifies all the areas where hazards exist and they introduce controls to mitigate or eliminate those hazards. It is their responsibility to ensure that suitable actions have been taken to implement these controls.

They have a duty to produce regular reports detailing what actions have been taken to implement these controls.

For wide areas of activities, the structuring of each JSA report can be a time-consuming, repetitive task. Most HSO's therefore maintain a series of document templates which they use as a starting point for each new report.

The Job Safety Report Generator™ is designed to minimise the repetitive element of creating JSA reports. An HSO can then concentrate his/her effort on adding the most up-to date information to the report template.


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This information is derived from the Job Safety Report Generator™
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